Playing with my pen blog

Number 1. My first blog. Here it is. Here I am. Maybe here WE are. And what on earth are we doing wasting our time like this?

This blog is a work in progress and I’m not quite sure what direction it will take. Nevertheless, at this point it is going to be primarily a blog about my obsession with pens  – fountain pens. 

If you are starting to see from where you are sitting an “L” shape appearing on my brow, now is the time to move to another site (if you needed my permission).

I’ll be playing with adding images and videos. Throw in an occasional review, poem or thought, and then we’ll see where we go from there. 

Feedback would be appreciated, and will help me hone my skills.

The bulk of my pen porn will be Italian, and celluloid – both my preferences. But there will be some Japanese eagerly inserting itself into the conversation. Pens will be both vintage and modern; but will have a particular bias towards Omas, my favourite brand, and flex, my favourite writing.

I’m not a real ink aficionado, but there will be a few colours (I like colours).

And the pens will vary from:


(Omas Platinum Arco)



(Pelikan Twist)

and lots of places in between.
So stay tuned and let’s see where the ink flows 🙂
Thanks for reading.


Hello world!

This is my first Blog – and so here I sit, keys under finger pads, pondering what to say.

Well for starters, I can say that, as the title suggests, this will be a blog of bits. I hope to add a few poems, reviews of fountain pens, musings on current affairs, music (mostly jazz), gadgets and maybe an Apple or two. 

I welcome your comments, suggestions (constructive) and ideas. Together, who knows where this may take us!

The poem for starters is this:


“Black or white or

Red or Green

Jew or Christian

Poor man, Queen.

All possess an abject fear

A foul mistrust of

People queer or different

To their race or breed

A different colour, different creed

That ignorance like this can thrive

While rich men wink

And poor, connive,

Gives the lie to ‘All belong’

For while man lives

So lives this wrong.”